The EBBOA is committed to providing services to our members that enable them to continually improve.  One way we demonstrate this commitment is through our Evaluation Program.  When used properly, evaluations serve as a highly effective tool to help us all get better.  The EBBOA will again utilize three forms of formal evaluations:


1) Partner Evaluations

2) Paid Evaluations

3) Coach evaluations (ONLINE BLUE CARD). 


More than ever, we need each official to step-up in order to maintain constant improvement throughout the association.  Individual effort in all three areas, particularly with the partner evaluations, is critical.


As an EBBOA member, you are required to complete an evaluation for each partner for each game worked.     (EXCEPTION - Double-header with the SAME PARTNER ).


You must submit an evaluation within 72 hours.  CLICK HERE EVAL

It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to use the "ADDITIONAL COMMENTS" section when submitting an evaluation.  The aim is give descriptive feedback on performance. Our improvement hinges upon the ability to understand what we are doing well, as well as what we can do better. This provides an excellent opportunity for veterans to help out the association by sharing knowledge and experience with newer officials.


When considering officials for assignments, advancement, and post-season, the Board utilizes, as one of its criteria, the level of an official's commitment by their participation in the program. Partner evaluations not only benefit individual officials with direct feedback, but also provide the Board an opportunity to broaden their understanding of officials through non-Board observations.

The association will attempt to have everybody observed for a full game by a paid evaluator.  Those who are under consideration for promotion to the major list receive priority.  Officials who have been evaluated are expected to sit down and have a discussion with the evaluator after the game.  If the official must leave the game site prior to having this discussion, the responsibility lies with the official to contact the observer within 24-48 hours. Evaluators are available for all scrimmages, so take advantage of the opportunity to gain feedback in real time.

As we move to more innovative approaches to market our services to the basketball community, it is the responsibility of EVERYONE to inform coaches of how to submit game evaluations online. Coaches must be directed to the "coaches" tab on our website, which outlines the process very clearly.   As always, we will honor a BLUE CARD for game evaluation. The Referee/Crew Chief on each game, excluding scrimmages, is responsible for providing each head coach with a Blue Card. Coaches can submit Blue Cards (Game Reports) online through the EBBOA website, or via their RefTek account, if applicable.


Please encourage coaches to submit their Game Reports online, so we can keep a detailed account of our progress.  Please direct all questions to Marcella Dobbs at mdobbs@ebboa.org



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