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Please be advised that it is your responsibility to fully understand ALL INFORMATION contained within the documentation on this page, as part of your Member In Good Standing (MIGS) status.   If there is any discrepancy between ANY infomation you receive, the documents outlined on this page shall control. 


Our contract with the leagues and schools we serve calls for our Association to officiate one preseason varsity scrimmage (and any attached non-varsity scrimmages) free of charge. You will be assigned to officiate two (2) scrimmages on your available dates; it’s an obligation of membership in this Association; you won’t be paid for this service as we are not paid.


In addition to the TWO (2) scrimmage required of all members of the Association, the Evaluation Committee also sponsors  “Training and Evaluation Scrimmages.” The purpose of these scrimmages is to certify officials for three person mechanics, evaluate non-Varsity officials in a game-like setting, and provide constructive feedback to officials who take the floor, get a look at some new people, and allow officials to get some floor time before their first games.


Every East Bay Basketball Official Association (EBBOA) member MUST attend at least two (2) mandatory assign training scrimmage session based on your availability.  This is usually during the months of November and December of pre-season basketball scrimmages.  If a member DOES NOT ATTEND, and does not have their absence(s) approved, the member who missed their assign training scrimmage will be FINE A FEE OF $70.00.


When the assignor has finalized the training scrimmages, every official will receive and email with the date, time and location of their training scrimmage.  They will also have the name of the lead instructor.  You must stay and attend the entire training session.  Remember all who do not attend their assign training, will be fined a fee.


On a future EBBOA meeting, Listed on separate sheets will be the training/evaluation scrimmages for this season. The Board of Directors has determined that all non-Varsity officials must attend at least one of these scrimmages so that we can indicate to Marcella Dobbs, our assigning secretary, the approximate level of your officiating ability. If you do not attend at least one of these scrimmages, your assignments will be severely reduced. In addition, movement to the Varsity level will be impossible. The Board of Directors has also determined that no official will be assigned to a three-person crew without demonstrating “floor positioning knowledge” in a game-like setting. Even if you were assigned to three-person games last season, you must certify again.


Remember that these scrimmages DO NOT replace the two required scrimmages that you will be assigned.


Please follow the oral instructions that will be given on how to sign up for scrimmages. There is no point in having 25 officials at one scrimmage and two officials at another.


We will add other scrimmages as needed.


Four JV tournaments will also be used this season for evaluation purposes. Marcella Dobbs will be given assignment instructions for those tournaments.






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