Members in Good Standing Policy  

The Membership In Good Standing Policy (MIGS), adopted by the East Bay Basketball Association Board, is intended to foster membership integrity and maintain high standards. Understanding the life happens, the Board recognizes the appeal process in all instances. The principle of open communication can be directed to any Board member. Association Administration will continue will continue to operate in an open and humanistic manner.


Member in Good Standing Criteria (MIGS) Board Concern - PENALTY
  Adhere to Contractual Agreemnet Breach in Contract - Subject to Board action, up to membership termination  
  Pay all membership dues Due Delinquency - Withold Game Assignments  
  Attend all meetings / Excused Absences UNEXCUSED Absences - $20
EXCUSED Absences - $5*
Excessive absences could result in 12 month board review
  Sign IN/OUT confirming arrival / departure NO "Sign IN/OUT" - $10
NO "Sign IN/OUT"  viewed as UNEXCUSED Absence
  Pass written Exam with 80% score minimum Failure = Withold Game Assignments  
  Tardy to Meetings 30 minutes late or more - $10  
  2 - Scrimmage Committment
(EBBOA Assigned)
NoShow is FINE of GAME FEE
Reduced Gamed Assignments
Subject to Board Review
  Training Clinic Committment
(Official Sign-up)
NoShow is FINE of GAME FEE  
  ON TIME Game Arrival $10 Late Fee, PLUS a 50%
Game FEE Reduction
  TWO-WAY Partner Contact $10 Fee - NO Partner Contact
GAME FEE - NoShow Partner
  Submit Partner Evaluation Reduced Gamed Assignments
Playoff Consideration Risk
  "What you should do"  
  Update availability to avoid conflicts & reassignment  
  Set expectations because life happens  
  Respond to Accept OR Decline games timely  
  Lets make sure we all know what a TURN BACK is. "A TURN BACK is any game that is TURNED DOWN/DECLINED. Reasons are generally:  

- A simple DECLINING of an assignment (points to schedule availability. Consideration for a game being assigned IS NOT POSSIBLE if availability is updated via Arbiter routinely)

- No response in a TIMELY MANNER (points to potentially not logging into the Arbiter or ignoring assignments - inability to respond)

- Game is initially accepted, but declined later due to scheduling conflict

- DOUBLE BOOKING occurs when multiple games are assigned on the same day in the same time slot. (usually a high school & college assignment, or two high school assignment from different association)*

- INABILITY to take action (points to reviewing assignments/emails, but not accepting assignments)

- WAITING for "SOMETHING BETTER" to be available (multi-association members)

- FAILURE to log into the Arbiter routinely

NON-COMPLIANT GAME FEE PENALTIES are assigned games that are "Turned-Back" for reasons that are non-compliant or unacceptable actions based on the MIGS Policy.  Under the following conditions a Game Fee will be charged on any assignment turned back not accepted:
  48hrs. before start time of assigned / accepted game $25 for EACH infraction  
  AFTER initially accepted* $5 for EACH infraction AFTER 2ND Offense  
  within 7 DAYS AFTER Arbiter assignment $5 for EACH infraction AFTER 2ND Offense  
  When you are available according to Arbiter 36hrs BEFORE assignment $5 for EACH infraction AFTER 2ND Offense  
- Your availability shows FREE for ballgame on the 2/19.
- On the 2/10, Arbiter assigns the 2/19 game (9 days later)
- That game is more than 36hrs away

Declining this game results in a fine, as your status showed AVAILABLE when the game was originally assigned.
  * These situations will be reviewed by the assignor on a case by case basis to determine if a fee will be applied.  



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