Completion Deadline  Oct 27, 2014


Follow these instructions to complete theMANDATORY "Concussion in Sports" Training


1. Clicking on the START HERE link at the bottom of this tutorial will take you to the NFHS site to order the course



2. You will be prompted to SIGN IN.  Click on the Register here linked ( highlighted) to start the registration process



3. Fill in your personal information to complete the profile registration process



4. Indicate that you are an OFFICIAL as relevant and future training will become available to you based on this selection.  Click FINISH.


5. You will be redirected back to the courses with a mini tutorial. You can skip the tutorial. ORDER THE COURSE


6. Indicate that YOU will be completing the course.


7. TYPE California in the state box to comfirm your location.  There cost of the course will be FREE.  Click CHECK OUT.


8. Agree to the Refund Policy to complete the transaction


9. You will get a receipt.  The receipt will have a link (highlighted) to access the course.  CLICK LINK.



10. You are ready to BEGIN the course.









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