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Again, it is your responsibility to fully understand ALL INFORMATION contained within the docmentation on this page a part of your Member In Good Standing (MIGS) status.  If there is any discrepancy between ANY information you receive, the documents outlined on this page shall control.  Review the "EBBOA General Infomation" at your earliest opportunity by clicking on the TITLE of the content you wish to review.


Topics Covered in Registration
    EBBOA Official's Contract    
    Membership Dues    
    Tax / Check "Payable to"  Info    
    Conflict Date Policy    
    T-Shirt / Jacket Order    
    Associate Member Recognition    
    Make Your Move Training    
    College Scholarship Donation    
    Conflict of Interest    
  EBBOA General Information  
    Members In Good Standing Policy ( MIGS )    
      Partner Evaluation Program    
      Training Evaluation / Scrimmages    
      Membership Information Sheet
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